Professional Dog Training is a proactive tool that leads to a better life for all breeds.

Professional Dog Training

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Unleash’d Canine Academy has a rich history with professional dog training. We take pride in the enhancement of man’s best friend. Dogs are an important part of our society. We are committed to making our student’s life better at home and their job using clear communications. Our award-winning trainers have combined 40 years of experience in basic/advanced obedience, behavior modification, socialization, bite work, decoy training, puppy development, fearful/aggressive dogs, and police dog training. Our facility, located in Salsbury, Illinois is top-notch. It provides a peaceful space for dogs to learn.


All breeds benefit from obedience training.

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Shaping your dog’s future for a happy life.

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6030 Rt 97
Pleasant Plains, Illinois 62677


Mark Boggs

Owner & Director

After becoming a trainer & breeder in the 1990s, Mark Boggs has become a leader in the world of professional dog training. He has traveled nationwide helping law enforcement train their service animals and has won countless awards from Service Dogs of America. He is certified by the prestigious Alpha K-9 Training Center in Jackson, MS by Randy Hare. Mark was also a member of the United States Police Canine Association (USPCA) and a founding member of the Service Dogs of America organization where he is a Level 3 Decoy with honors.


Lead Trainer

Sarah Svejcar has been training dogs for almost 20 years. Sarah began training at PetSmart in 2000. She became Regional Trainer in 2002 and remained there until 2006. During that time, she became an AKC Canine Good Citizen instructor. In 2010, she was hired as a trainer and training mentor at Petco. She earned the title of Top Regional Trainer 3 years in a row. Sarah is currently working on getting certified to teach freestyle to music and agility. She is also considering flyball as well in the future.


"Five years ago Sarah helped me rescue/adopt Scruffy. She began training both of us to become certified as therapy for my husband. Sarah is a fantastic teacher and has a way about her that makes both of us want to show how much we learned every week.

Fritz & Katy

"Sarah also provided good tips and educated us on diet. She has exactly what it takes to ensure you have a well behaved and faithful pet."

The Szpyrka’s

One hour once a week with Sarah's instruction and a little work at home, and we had a completely different happy member of the family. All thanks to Sarah's excellent training abilities.

John & Lucy


6030 Rt 97
Pleasent Plains, Illinois 62677


6030 Rt 97
Pleasent Plains, Illinois 62677